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What to expect?
The skin will look plump, fresh and glowing, post treatment.
You may experience some superficial flaky skin depending on the amount of dead cell accumulation and how well your skin is functioning before you have your treatment.
Results will vary from person to person, as each individual skin type will respond differently, as we are working with the lymphatic system.
If you suffer from hay fever, eczema, multiple allergies or extremely sensitive skin it is possible you may experience some temporary redness, dryness or itchy, hot skin.
This may be relieved by using Beta Gel and making sure you take your EFA's as prescribed by your Skin Therapist.
Other temporary symptoms that may occur include:
- An outbreak of pimples if impurities have been locked under the skin - as we increase the skin's water content they "pop" up to the surface, which is a great thing!
- Darkening of skin prior to exfoliation as underlying pigment moves to the surface.
This is due to the body's natural immune response when moving the lymphatic fluid around and kick starting the skin's function. It is completely normal and not a cause for concern.
It's kind of like when you haven't been to the gym in a year - you'd be a bit tender!
To achieve the best possible results you must:
  • Adhere to your Home Prescriptive program throughout the program.
  • Do not sunbathe or use a solarium for 24 hours post treatment. If you do expose yourself to the sun, it’s imperative that you wear SPF 50+.
  • Continue with regular professional treatments in the time frame suggested by your Skin Therapist
  • Adhere to Home Prescriptive regime after the program has finished to maintain the results and keep the skin healthy long term.
Your HÜD skin specialist will follow up with you 1-3 days post treatment and rest assured Enzyme Therapy is the ONLY real oxygen therapy so results are just around the corner...