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Body Treatments

Our clinical body treatments are for those who want to revise any areas on the body. To accurately assess your problem areas we offer a free body consultation where we can tailor a treatment plan for you. Our prices are often based on areas and a series are most likely necessary, which is why many of our prices will not be online.
The main concerns we treat are:

acne / folliculitis / keratosis pilaris 
spider veins
lax skin / cellulite



    Follicuzyme treatment is a treatment specifically targeting the redundant cell material that causes blockage in the hair shaft, which is often the cause of body acne as well as folliculitis. This amazing treatment, utilising DMK's alkaline wash, raises the skin's PH which kills all bacteria in the hair shaft. After the alkaline we follow suit with Body Enzyme Therapy, which in turn heals the skin and brings fresh oxygenated blood flow into the skin.

    We always recommend you use Hydro Louffa and Maximum Moisture along with Beta Gel, Retosin (vitamin A) and our specially formulated EFA's for internal support.




    RP (remodelling procedure)

    A youthful, healthy appearance is important in modern society. Many people feel a sense of anxiety about visual signs of ageing and are therefore seeking advice and solutions. RP is based on the preservation of healthy and attractive skin on both the body and face.

    RP revises the skin by looking at the underlying cause of premature ageing making it ideal for conditions such as sun-damaged skin.
    RP aims to revise the processes that have developed as a result of the sun or environmental damage. RP is an industry proven way of dealing with sun-damage, premature ageing, loose sagging and wrinkled skin. RP focuses on improving confidence and happiness. One treatment includes 2x lift off treatments after your peel.

     ARP – Arm RP $1350
    BRP – Back RP $1350
    DRP – Décolleté RP $1350
    HRP – Hand RP $750





    Body Sculpting    $210 Full body  |  $99 per area

    Minimise the appearance of cellulite and discover a firmer body. The DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is a treatment designed to help re-shape and sculpt the body. It assists in reducing the appearance of cellulite and unsightly puffy areas. By creating a thermogenic effect the treatment aims to increase circulation and eliminate waste material. The Body Sculpting Wrap has a firming, tightening and toning effect on the skin of the body, leaving the appearance smooth and contoured.


    Body Enzyme Therapy    60min | P.O.A

    Target cellulite, poor circulation, fluid retention and dry skin. The body Enzyme therapy is a unique treatment to eliminate toxins and increase lymphatic drainage. After the treatment you will notice the lymphatic vessels visible for up to 15 minutes afterwards, giving an indication of the health of the tissue. This treatment can be combined with Fat Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening and Body Sculpting. 

    Body Enzyme Therapy can also be combined with resurfacing techniques such as Alkaline was for scars, stretch marks and ingrown hairs.

    Body Enzyme Therapy can be had as an add on to Enzyme Facial Therapy. As us today about the pricing.





    Why Hud?

    HÜD Skin + Body is Melbourne's first Scandinavian Skin and Body Lounge. We offer a wide range of skin and beauty treatments including microdermabrasion, peels, LED light therapy and skin needling, waxing, manis and pedis, lashes, body treatments and spray tan.

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