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Why HÜD?


HÜD (who'd) = Scandinavian for Skin.



HÜD is a Multi Award Winning Skin Clinic - the brainchild of Gry Tømte, an import from Norway about 20 years back. Coming to Australia, she found out first hand how the effects of differing temperatures, water and environmental challenges from the sun had an impact on skin. At the age of 25 she experienced full blown Acne and Melasma.

This propelled her to find safe effective treatments for these devastating issues.
She also realised that most skin problems today is caused by a constant over exfoliation of the skin’s barrier, which leads to many sensitivities, acne and an accelerated ageing process.

Gry embarked on a journey to bring the concept of long term skin health to Melbourne and instead of simply peeling the skin or over exfoliating using microdermabrasion, we focus on skin rebuilding. We bring the skin back to homeostasis - optimal health, before embarking on skin revision.



Our highly qualified and passionate team of 14 consists of the highest level Skin and Dermal Therapists, as well as an onsite Cosmetic Doctor and a Naturopath.

Our specialty and passion lies within clinical skin treatments. Age Management and Acne treatments as well as treatments for Melasma and Pigmentation - provided in a relaxed, beautiful Scandinavian environment. We feel there is no reason why you can't be relaxed whilst getting results for your skin - and strongly believe in the connection between reducing high cortisol levels and the success in treating inflammatory skin conditions.

We carry exclusively DMK skincare, and the DMK Enzyme Therapy is our top treatment of choice.

We also offer services such as IPL hair removal, Laser Genesis, Laser pigmentation removal, Peels, Laser facials and BBL HERO  

Gry has through the years been named in the Urban List as well as Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar as one of the top Brow Artists in Australia, and she still grooms the brows for some of Australia's best known models and social media personalities.

HÜD has won many awards - amongst them DMK Clinic of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2018 and also ABIA Clinic of the Year 2018 both in Victoria as well as Nation wide, and also Australian Team of the Year 2019  

We are also proud to be finalists in the ABIA awards again this year in 3 categories; Clinic of the Year, Director of the Year and Team of the Year.


We Change Lives By Changing Skin.