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Skin Needling $250 (normally $350)

Skin Needling $250 (normally $350)

$250.00 $350.00

Skin needling, aka collagen induction is not only great for post acne or surgery scarring, age management and redness - it’s also fantastic for scalp rejuvenation!

The DermaPen4 Treatment is one of our favourite Anti Ageing weapons! Skin needling stimulates healthy new collagen production and epidermal growth factors to restore and rejuvenate skin with minimum downtime.

Each cartridge is single use and we practice full infection control. We use only medically proven safe ingredients during and after needling – VERY important….  

Our treatments are clinical grade (we do not use 0.3mm as is customary for some salons who offer cheaper treatments. This length does not stimulate collagen and we have these for sale in our clinic for home use).

If you’ve suffered hair loss due to the stress we’ve just gone through, you might consider using this to regenerate new healthy hair growth by stimulating the blood supply to the hair shaft. OR, book yourself in for a skin needling for your face! Your choice...